Clementoni: together during its 50th anniversary

In 2013 Clementoni Spa, the popular company that produces educational games, blows out 50 candles.

Musola Metalli Spa is proud to celebrate this important goal with Clementoni as a supplier of an important and component that has made history: the BUZZER sound of the legendary SAPIENTINO.

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In this 50th anniversary, new reproductions of the most famous Italian game will be available (it will be a limited edition). Sapientino was created in 1967 by the curious Mario Clementoni. While looking at the strings of his shoes, he founds the inspiration for the two-jacks model.


For that particular gadget, Clementoni has asked for our help in supplying a tiny PHOSPHOR BRONZE plate with thickness 0,1 mm. This alloy is particularly suitable for electrical contacts, connectors, wires, springs. It has good anti-friction and anti-corrosion properties.

You can find out all the characteristics on

Musola Metalli is proud to be involved in Clementoni’s big celebration, even with just a tiny bronze plate. We are always available, fast in deliveries and happy to be considered for limited-edition projects.

We are delighted to share this news with our clients, as all games by Clementoni have always followed us through our childhood.


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