Metal Outlet: more than 3.000 cuts just a click away!

Buy now metallic and plastic cuts at outlet price! Now you can find cuts more easily and you can check our availability in real time. In a few clicks, you will receive a quotation.

Musola Metalli has a big warehouse, which is always stocked up with pre-cut dimensions at outlet prices.

We invested time and energy in a project that nowadays is the best way for you to know our actual availability: an efficient automatic view, research and quotation system.

After several months of hard work, we can present our Metal Outlet: more than 3.000 cuts available now and always updated in real time.

If you need a little piece of bronze, aluminium, cast iron, brass, copper or plastic, you do not have to waste your time in sending tens of inquiries. Today you can simply access our Metal Outlet and, with our fast internal search engine, and see all our cuts available. You can also see other characteristics such as the alloy and then put them in the virtual cart to ask for a quotation: everything in a few clicks!

We wanted a Metal Outlet with the aim to reduce the distances between demand and supply and to avoid halfway steps that waste our clients’ time: now you can virtually see our warehouse and buy cuts!


More than 3.000 cuts
available now