Privacy Policy

Introductory note

MUSOLA METALLI S.p.a., data controller with registered office and headquarters in Località Cà dell'Aglio, 21/1 - 37036 San Martino B.A. (VR), e-mail [email protected], tel. 045 8799012, fax 045 8799061, considers the current Italian and European personal data regulations a strategic objective. As a consequence, it accepts the improvement of said objective on the current company management. To that end, here you can find our Clients/Suppliers data processing notice and our cookies management notice, which is related to your surfing experience. We invite you to carefully read these documents before sending us your personal data or continuing your surfing.

Notice on the processing of personal data – web user

We invite you to carefully read the following information, so you can consciously agree to the processing of your personal data and to the exercise of your rights as established by art. 13 European Regulation 2016/679 (below “DGPR”).

1. Who is processing your personal data?
The data controller, that is the subject who is entitled to make choices about why and how to process your personal data, is MUSOLA METALLI S.p.a., VAT 02224410239, with registered office and headquarters in Località Cà dell'Aglio, 21/1 - 37036 San Martino B.A. (VR), who has established method and purposes of the processing of your personal data.

2. How and why do we use your personal data?

Your personal data, which you freely supply by filling in our contact form, will be used by MUSOLA METALLI S.p.a. for the following purposes:

Purpose of the use of personal dataWhy do we use these data?Who can access these data?How long do we keep them?
To send you e-mails with technical and commercial information The processing is optional and it requires your explicit consent Our staff Up to 26 months from the collection


3. What if I do not provide my personal data and/or my agreement?
If you do not agree, MUSOLA METALLI S.p.a. will not send you e-mails with technical or commercial information. MUSOLA METALLI S.p.a. and the subjects in charge may work on anonymous statistics analysis in order to improve its services. In this case, the activity is carried out on the basis of legitimate interest. If you give us your personal data in an incorrect or incomplete way, MUSOLA METALLI S.p.a. cannot guarantee a correct fulfillment of your request.

4. How are personal data managed?
MUSOLA METALLI S.p.a. and the subjects in charge will keep your personal data with the adoption of adequate actions to guarantee safety and privacy, by using both electronic and paper tools. 

5. Who do we transmit your data to?
In order to fulfill your requests, your personal data will be processed by: i) subjects within MUSOLA METALLI S.p.a. specifically authorized to do so and therefore subject to confidentiality, or ii) external partners designated by MUSOLA METALLI S.p.a. ex art. 28 GDPR as external Data Controllers, having signed with it a specific contract aimed at ensuring that the management of your data takes place within the limits and for the purposes you have chosen as indicated in the table in point 2.  The complete list of (external) Data Controllers is available at the headquarters of MUSOLA METALLI S.p.a. and can be sent to you using the contact point below.

6. How long do we keep your personal data?
Your personal data will be kept up to 26 months (see point 2), except for suspensions of consent or the exercise of the rights mentioned in point 8. In any case, the data controller and the subjects in charge may keep your personal data longer, in order to fulfill law requirements. They will be cancelled as soon as that period of time ends, or they will become anonymous.

7. Will you transmit any personal data to non-EU countries?
No personal data will be shared, transferred or sent to non-EU countries.

8. How can I safeguard my rights?
MUSOLA METALLI S.p.a. and its partners let you exercise your rights related to personal data management. You can exercise them any time, and you will have the possibility to:

  • Ask us if there are data about you and how they are used (law of access)
  • If necessary, require the update, correction or supplementation of your personal data
  • Require the limitation or block of your data in case of law violations
  • If technically possible, ask for a copy of your data in an interoperable format
  • Revoke the given consent any time
  • Ask for information about a decisional process based on automatic processing

You can send us inquiries or e-mails for the above-mentioned topics directly at [email protected]. We remind you that you can send complains directly to competent authorities for personal data protection.

Notice for clients / suppliers

With “processing” we mean the different operations that can be done on data (collection, registration, consultation, processing, communication, etc.) in compliance with art. 13 of Regulation Eu 679/16 and with current Italian norms. We hereby inform our clients and potential clients, suppliers and potential suppliers about the nature and modality of personal data processing carried out by our organization.

Source of personal data subject to processing

Personal data in our possession, including those of your partners, can be collected directly (through your representatives or your communications) or through public domain sources (public lists, websites, etc.).


Purposes and processing method

Your data will be processed for the following purposes:

  • Shared purpose for clients and suppliers: management of business relationships between our and your organization, including activities related to the fulfillment of administrative, accounting and financial obligations (implicit purposes and/or necessary by law, which do not require a written consent)
  • Shared purposes for clients and potential clients only: commercial/marketing promotions (optional purpose, that sporadically occurs towards companies and VAT-owners, which do not require a written consent)
  • Through manual and computer tools
  • By adopting safety measures for the safeguard of the interested parties’ privacy
  • According to logics which are strictly related to the pursuit of the above-mentioned purposes
  • Always in order to guarantee the compliance with European and Italian current norms related to privacy protection law


Compulsoriness in sharing personal data required from the organization

We require and collect data enough to pursue the purposes described below. If they are incorrectly or partially supplied, the pursuit of said purposes may be compromised.


Notice and spread of personal data

If necessary, in addition to our authorized staff who is formally in charge and properly educated, your personal data may be shared to external subjects (public or private) in order to pursue our purposes stated by law. These external subjects can be forwarders, hardware or software suppliers, bank institutions, supervisory authorities, postal services, Administrative, tax, accounting, labor, legal, insurance, and financial consultants, etc.). your data will not be shared to non-EU countries and will not be subject to deliberated spread.


Archiving/conservation of personal data

After a potential interruption of a business relationship, in compliance with administrative, accounting and financial obligations, your personal data will be kept up to 10 years. After that, they will be cancelled from our archives and destroyed.


Exercise of the rights of the interested party and owner of the processing

In order to exercise the rights established in art. 15 of the Regulation, you can speak to our Privacy Service based in Musola Metalli S.p.a. with registered office and headquarters in Località Cà dell'Aglio, 21/1 - 37036 San Martino B.A. (VR), e-mail [email protected], tel. 045 8799012, fax 045 8799061.



The interested party has the right to ask the data controller if a data processing is taking place or not. If so, he/she can get access to his/her personal data and the following information:

  • Data processing purposes
  • The personal data in question
  • The addressees who have received/will receive your personal data, especially foreign addressees or international organizations;
  • If possible, the period of storage of your personal data or the criteria that determine that period;
  • The existence of the interested party’s right to request from the data controller the rectification or erasure of personal data or the restriction of the processing of personal data concerning him/her or to object to their processing;
  • The right to complain to competent authorities;
  • Information about the source of the data;
  • The existence of an automatic decisional process, including the profiling as in art. 22, paragraph 1 and 4, and in those cases, meaningful information about the logic used, as well as the importance and expected consequences of such processing for the interested party.


If personal data are shared to a non-EU country or to an international organization, the interested party has the right to be informed about any guarantee in compliance with art. 46 with reference to data sharing.

When required, the data controller must give the interested party a copy of the data he has. In case of request of more copies, the data controller can charge a sum of money corresponding to the administrative costs. If the, interested party asks through an electronic device, the information will be transmitted the same way.

The right to obtain a copy as in the previous paragraph shall not infringe the rights and freedom of others.

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