Your trusted partner
for metals and plastic materials since 1972

We have been in the field of non-ferrous metals
for over fifty years.

Our company, founded by Luigi Musola in 1972, has grown enough to become an important reality in the trade of metals in the Triveneto area. We managed to establish strong business relationships with important manufacturers of non-ferrous metals, both national and European, preserving the peculiarities of a family-owned company at the same time.

Thanks to the ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certifications, we set ourselves as a trusted partner in the supply of semi-finished products in bronze, aluminium, copper, brass, cast iron and plastic materials.


The company is made of two adjacent buildings, with a covered surface of 4500 square meters. Our activity can be divided in three main categories:

Trade of semi-finished products

It is the main activity and it consist in the retail of bars, hollow bars, sheets, profiles in non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, bronze, brass, cast iron and semi-finished thermoplastics.

Creation of finished details upon customer’s request

Over time, we succeeded in establishing strong business relationships with companies specialized in precision machining, such as turning, milling, waterjet cut or laser cut. The specialization of these companies combined with our wide range of material, creates a winning combination for the creation of your finished components.

Non-ferrous shavings and scraps management

This is a cross service that we provide in compliance with the current regulations and in respect of the environment. Our qualified employees manage the collection of non-ferrous shavings and scraps (aluminium, bronze, brass, copper) which comes from machining. We collect with a form or with the “end of waste” certification when required. 


Cut of semi-finished products

Our warehouse is equipped with semi-automatic and automatic sawing machines which can cut rapidly and with precision bot single pieces and medium batches. We can cut up to a diameter of 680 mm. Cutting operations are managed by our specialized technicians, in order to guarantee perpendicularity and limited machining allowance.

Fast delivery

We deliver weekly, both with our vehicles and with important national carriers with whom we have been collaborating for years. 

After-sales services

We guarantee the fixing and the replacement of materials under warranty that could be non-compliant, in order to reduce any inconvenience or delay in the production of our customer’s companies

Metal Outlet

On our website you can find more than 3000 cuts of bronze, aluminium, cast iron, copper, brass and thermoplastics available now and on sale.

The evolution of the brand over time


Luigi Musola founds the sole proprietorship known as Luigi Musola.


In 1990 the company Luigi Musola becomes Musola Metalli Srl and also becomes partner of the Assofermet association.



By seeking our customers’ satisfaction and a continuous improvement, we obtain the ISO 9000:2000 certification.



Musola Metalli changes its company image. As a matter of fact, the brand changes, the management of the orders computerizes and we create a technical catalogue and a website.



Despite the critical economic situation, Musola Metalli risks once again and invests in quality and occupational safety, with the support of its customers. This leads to the obtaining of the OHSAS 18001:2007 certification.

logo musola metalli 2009


The company renews the ISO 9001:2008 quality certification. The new investments bring new machines for the handling of materials inside the warehouse.

logo musola metalli 2010


This year marks the 40th anniversary of the foundation of Musola Metalli. The company, founded in 1972, has evolved through the years, and has become an important reality known in the whole nation. We take the opportunity to thank you, because after 40 years we are still here because of you, with the same enthusiasm and passion since 1972.

logo musola metalli 2012


With reference to the regulation about Administrative Responsibilities, Musola Metalli improves and realizes the Organizational and Management Model in compliance with the D. Lgs.231/01, in order to avoid crimes or violations in the organization. We have always believed in legality and we still believe that the “ethical management” of a company must be an opportunity of cultural and business growth. In 2015 the company completes the creation of a new loading and unloading area of 240 square meters. The goal is to improve the placement of our materials and to accelerate the fulfillment of the orders. 

logo musola metalli 2018


This period is marked by two main events. The first one includes is the installation of a new management software and the consequent digitalization process, which involves every part of our job (from the sale proposal to the fulfillment of the orders). This process will surely lead us to the industry 4.0 and to the complete removal of paper. The second event is the purchase of a new warehouse, which is also adjacent to the historical headquarter of 3400 covered square meters. 


logo musola metalli 2018


Musola Metalli changes the type of company, from S.R.L. to S.P.A. The innovation process which began in 2019 continues and leads to the complete removal of paper at the warehouse level. We create a planner that helps us manage the orders and through which we can see the status of orders in real time. The latter manages the workload and help us respect the lead times. In conclusion, we install our first 4.0 sawing machine, which is interconnected with our management software.

musolametalli certificazioni



Musola Metalli celebrates its 50th anniversary and inaugurates a new line of communication: new logo and new corporate colours. Always present is the use of straight lines to represent both a job in which precision is fundamental, but also a concrete and transparent way of managing relationships, without mincing words. The new corporate colours YELLOW GOLD and GREY represent a message of openness and professionalism, as well as being representative of a colour typically associated with metals.

logo Musola Metalli 50° Anniversario


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