COPPER Semi-finished products

  1. Bars
  2. Sheets, Ribbons and Plates
  3. Tubes and Wires
  4. High copper alloys

Copper Bars

Musola Metalli has round, square and rectangular copper bars. Depending on the dimension, they can be drawn or extruded. Rectangular copper bars can have different types of edges: sharp, round or slightly round. Copper bars have a standard length goes from 4 to 4,4 meters.

Copper Sheets, Ribbons and Plates

We have a wide range of dimensions and tempers. These products are used in many fields, such as the electrical field, the tin industry and the air-conditioning industry, not to mention the furniture industry and the design field. Standard copper sheets are 1000 x 2000 mm but, upon request, it is possible to have plates cut from ribbons with variable lengths – up to 4 meters.

Thicknesses from 0,1 mm to 0,4 mm have a different dimension, usually smaller.

Upon request and with a minimum quantity to be defined, we can provide polished copper sheets with PVC film.

We can also provide rectangular o round plates, with thickness over 6 mm.

Copper Tubes and Wires

These products are obtained through a wire drawing process, and can be provided in a wide range of dimensions. In our warehouse we have round drawn hard tubes or copper drawn soft tubes (rolled up in pipes). Copper tubes are 4 to 5 meters long, but it is possible to have them with different lengths. Upon request, we can provide square and rectangular tubes. Copper tubes are used to realize furniture, bathroom accessories, radiators, faucets, valves, etc.

In addition to tubes, we also have copper wires rolled up in pipes, with different tempers – hard, soft, half-hard – from diameters 0,3 mm to diameters 6 mm.

High copper alloys

We can provide special or high copper alloys; these are alloys that contain an additional element that can impart special properties to copper, in order to meet a particular application, production process and environment.

Copper can be combined with beryllium, cobalt, chromium, zirconium, silicon and nickel. We are able to sell round bars, hollow bars, flat bars, hexagonal bars and sheets with dimension 1000 x 2000 mm.


close up tubi crudi in rame

Copper round tubes
alloy Cu-DHP CW024A EN 12449

close up piatti in rame

Copper flat bars
alloy Cu-ETP CW004A EN 13601

close up barre piatte in rame

Copper flat bars
alloy Cu-ETP CW004A EN 13601

Copper Alloys

Copper can be divided into two main categories, which include many different alloys. Here is a list of the main copper alloys:



CW 004A Cu-ETP

CW 008A Cu-OF

CW 021A Cu-HCP

CW 024A Cu-DHP

Round bar, flat bar, square bar, hexagonal bar, round tube, rectangular tube, sheet, wire, ribbon, plate, round plate

Round bar, flat bar, sheet, plate

Sheet, plate

Round tube, sheet, ribbon


CW 101C CuBe2

CW 103C CuCo1Ni1Be

CW 104C CuCo2Be

CW 106C CuCr1Zr

CW 118C Cu-TeP

CW 111C CuNi2Si

CW 352H CuNi10Fe1Mn

Round bar, square bar, ribbon

Round bar, square bar, flat bar, plate

Round bar, square bar, flat bar, hexagonal bar, plate

Round bar, square bar, flat bar, hexagonal bar, sheet, plate

Round bar, hexagonal bar

Round bar

Round bar, sheet

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About Copper

Copper has been known and used for a very long time. We can find it in the periodic table with the symbol “Cu” and it is used for its thermal and electrical conductivity and for its ductility. It is employed in many different fields of application, such as the electronical and electrical industry, the medical field, the air-conditioning industry, but also in sculptures, furniture, buildings and money-making. Copper can be found as mineral and it is called “red gold” for its color. The main mines are on the Andes Mountain range and on the Rocky Mountains; the main extractors are Chile, Peru, China, Congo and the USA.

Copper is also crucial for our body development and, as a matter of fact, we daily take copper through food and water. The tiny traces of copper in our body help our nervous and cardiovascular systems, strengthen our bones and assure the right functioning of our immune system.

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