Musola Metalli, with the cooperation of specialized workshops, can realize custom finished components, based on technical drawings. It is possible to have them in bronze, brass, aluminium-bronze and plastic materials. You will surely save time in looking for the perfect supplier. 

You can tell us your requests, possibly with drawings, then we will handle the supply of material, the machining, the packaging and eventually the logistics.

Why is Musola Metalli competitive in the realization of finished components?

  • We can supply small batches or even samples
  • Less mediators: you will have a single supplier for both the material and the machining
  • Lower costs of the material, because we buy directly from the producer
  • Musola Metalli will find the best subcontractor in order to guarantee the best quality
  • You will have the possibility to discuss with experienced and motivated staff
  • We organize processes in compliance with norm ISO 9001
  • We can release inspection record sheets
  • Possibility to perform specific tests including hardness, ultrasonic, roughness, penetrating liquids, etc.
  • Packaging according to your request
  • Delivery with our truck or with affiliated national carriers
  • Possibility to plan the production and handle the delivery according to your necessities


Why choose Musola Metalli for your finished components?


Musola Metalli has been on the market of finished products for more than 50 years, so it has acquired experience in handling third party machining. We have become an important supplier, both nationally and internationally.


We have a big qualified supplier pool which have a wide range of machines in order to satisfy varied requests and necessities.


Since we have a wide range of dimensions always available in our warehouse, we can rapidly handle the entire machining process. We therefore guarantee fast deliveries and you will save time in looking for the material and the appropriate workshop.


Musola Metalli always guarantees the highest quality through a series of controls, from the rough material to the finished components.

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About Finished Components

Musola Metalli can provide finished components based on technical drawings, made of bronze, aluminium, brass, cast iron or plastic materials. You will surely save time in looking for the perfect supplier. We will handle the supply of material, the machining, the packaging and eventually the logistics. 

Musola Metalli workswith the cooperation of many specialized workshops and contract manufacturers. We guarantee high-quality finished products. 

Another guarantee is given by the compliance to the UNI EN ISO 9001 norm, which help us identify and control the critical points of the contractual work, from the reception of the drawing to the packaging of the finished component.

Each part of the machining is registered on specific forms, but we can also define new control or sampling plans with new specific registration forms. We also directly manage the logistics, paying attention to the packaging – finished components are packed with metallic boxes and protector material.

Among the many finished components, we can provide bushings, bearings, lead screws and screws, nuts, axles, ferrules, sealing rings and many more. We also realize bumpers, sliding runners, guiding runners, etc.

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