ALUMINIUM Semi-finished products

  1. Bars
  2. Profiles
  3. Tubes
  4. Sheets and Coils
  5. Plates

Aluminium Bars

We have a wide range of measures of aluminium bars, more specifically round, flat, square and hexagonal bars, always available in our warehouse and in the main aluminium alloys. Round and hexagonal bars can be provided with beveled edges for working with machine-tools. Aluminium flat bars have a standard length of 6 meters, and a standard length of 3 meters for the other shapes. We can sell the whole bar, cut it at the length requested by the client and also cut numerically-controlled flanges with limited machining allowance.

Aluminium Profiles

We can provide a wide range of aluminium profiles, such as angular, L, U (wide or narrow base) and T profiles. Upon request, we can also provide special profiles, for example half-round, double U and nail profiles. The standard length of these profiles is 6 meters. Always upon request, we are able to provide aluminium wires and special profiles dedicated to the construction of structures for supporting photovoltaic panels. With a minimum order quantity, we can set up profile molds.

Aluminium Tubes

We can provide a wide range of the following aluminium tubes: round, square, rectangular tubes. We do not have ovals tubes, ellipsoidal tubes or ribbed tubes, but we can order them. The standard length is 6 meters and for some dimensions it is possible to have it cut. With minimum order quantities, we can also set up profile molds, on the basis of a technical drawing. We guarantee rapid supply and delivery of dimensions or alloys not available in our warehouse. 

Aluminium Sheets and Coils

A wide range of aluminium sheets is available in our warehouse, in standard sizes 1000 x 2000, 1250 x 2500, 1500 x 3000 mm. We also have tread sheets for non-slip coverings, in standard alloys and sizes 1000 x 2000, 1250 x 2500, 1500 x 3000 mm. Different sizes can be provided upon request with minimum quantities to be defined. We provide anodized sheets in alloy 1050A and 5005, also with PVC protection on one or both sides. Thanks to the partnership with important service centers, we provide cut flat laminates. They can also be obtained from coils, in order to be able to cut any length and height. Always upon request, we can provide aluminium coils in standard alloys and tempers, with thickness and width to be defined.

Aluminium Plates

Upon request, we can rapidly provide aluminium plates with standard thickness and alloys. Plates can be cut with band saw or circular saw, in order to guarantee minimum machining allowance. We can also provide round plates, milled plates and detensioned plates. The latter are ideal to obtain finished parts with minimum machining allowance on thickness and size; detension treatments guarantee good dimensional stability during and after mechanical processes. Plates can be protected with PVC film to avoid dents or damages during the handling and the storage.

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Aluminium U profiles
alloy EN AW 6060 EN 573-3

Aluminium tread sheets
alloy EN AW 1050A EN 573-3

Aluminium laminated plates

alloy EN AW 5083 EN 573-3

Aluminium Alloys

Aluminium alloys are divided into “series”, which in turn contain the specific alloys. We provide these alloys and products:

Series 1000

EN AW-1050 Al99,5

EN AW-1070 Al99,7

Sheet, tread sheet, wire, coil


Series 2000

EN AW-2017A AlCu4MgSi(A)

EN AW-2014 AlCu4SiMg

EN AW-2024 AlCu4Mg1

EN AW-2011 AlCu6BiPb

EN AW-2007 AlCu4BpMgMn

Round bar, flat bar, sheet, plate

Round bar

Round bar, plate

Round bar, flat bar, square bar, hexagonal bar 

Round bar, square bar

Series 3000 EN AW-3105 AlMn0,5Mg0,5

Tread sheet

Series 5000

EN AW-5005 AlMg1(B)

EN AW-5083 AlMg4,5Mn0,7

EN AW-5754 AlMg3

Sheet, coil

Round bar, flat bar, square bar, sheet, plate

Sheet, tread sheet, plate, coil

Series 6000

EN AW-6060 AlMgSi

EN AW-6063 AlMg0,7Si

EN AW-6082 AlSi1MgMn

EN AW-6061 AlMg1SiCu

EN AW-6026 AlMgSiBi

Round bar, flat bar, square bar, round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, U profile, T profile, L profile, angular profile, nail profile, semi-round profile, double-U profile

Flat bar, square bar, round tube

Round bar, square bar, flat bar, hexagonal bar, round tube, plate

Round bar, sheet

Round bar, flat bar, square bar, hexagonal bar

Series 7000

EN AW-7020 AlZn4,5Mg1

EN AW-7075 AlZn5,5MgCu

Flat bar, plate

Round bar, flat bar, square bar, plate

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About Aluminium

In relation to other metal alloys, aluminium stands out for its lightness, mechanical resistance, corrosion resistance and its good thermal conductivity.

With a specific weight of 2,7 gr on cm2, is it a light metal, easy to handle and less expensive to carry. Thanks to an extremely high weight/resistance ratio, aluminium is used for the realization of light but strong and solid structures and vehicles. Aluminium alloys can reach a mechanical resistance of 560 Mpa.

In addition to its lightness, aluminium is a nontoxic material, widely used in the food industry. Furthermore, aluminium has a very good electrical and thermal conductivity, characteristics that make it suitable for the electrical and systems engineering fields.


Aluminium naturally has a protective oxide layer that is created by the exposure to air. With anodic oxidation treatments it is possible to increase its natural corrosion resistance: aluminium alloys do not deteriorate with time and elements realized with this metal do not require specific maintenance.

All aluminium products can be recycled without losing their properties and characteristics, from thin sheets to automotive components, and from construction components to domestic tools. 



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