Corporate business management from a digital perspective – POR FSE 2014-2020

“Corporate business management from a digital perspective” - PROJECT 6375-1-687-2017 APPROVAL

POR 2014 – 2020 – Ob. “Investments towards growth and employment” – L’impresa Inn-Formata

The management is glad to inform that the training plan 6375-1-687-2017 “Corporate business management from a digital perspective” is concluded. 7 employees and 1 manager were involved.

All pupils have obtained a POSITIVE RESULT.

The project began on 17/01/2018 and ended on 15/01/2019.

176 hours of classroom training, 24 hours of individual training. The project, sponsored by the Veneto Region with DGR 687 of 16/05/2017, helped us reach our goals (e.g. speed of processes, organizational redefinition, etc.).

The topic was DIGITAL STRATEGY AND TRANSFORMATION, with a focus on company innovation through new skills and digital tools.

Musola Metalli now has a new interaction system between our management area and the production cycle. This technological innovation has overshadowed our “historic” skills, so the ability to control the production and our know-how.

The innovations include:

  • The development of our production control system, with the aim of optimizing resources (both energetic and material) and maximizing our service level in terms of speed and respect of lead times
  • The increase of our employees’ skills for a correct management of the supply chain, so to be able to schedule the orders and to make programmed purchases of materials. The goal is to give more precise and reliable lead times
  • The improvement of our data analysis skills, to understand the different ways of reading the information collected to return quality to the data itself, with the purpose of a more effective business planning
  • Better understanding of our business situation in order to be able to make the best business strategy

An important role was played by our partner 541 Consulting Srl Unipersonale which, in addition to give us support during the planning, will be an intermediary between pupils, teachers and the management, giving them the support needed.


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