Musola Metalli lands in Silicon Valley!

A new collaboration with BioForceTech: a project in Silicon Valley in name of eco-sustainability.

BioForceTech chose us as its supplier for the construction of new biomass systems in California. The enquiry was for guillotine faucets that must go on the upper surface of the silos (see image below) and the support axles at the two far ends.

The materials supplied were made and tested by Musola Metalli and its partners, on the basis of the project guidelines given by the client.

impianto a biomasseBiomass system

The dryers (silos) made by BioForceTech are called BioDryers and are part of a new innovative BFT process. They will be able to remove water from solid contents without using energy or chemicals in about 48 hours. Biodryers can dry organic materials with 20% to 70% of solid contents. 

All of this is possible with the help of bacterial colonies inside the silos, which create heat (and heat is used to remove water). That’s why the BFT process will take advantage of these micro-biotic populations.

We supplied guillotine faucets made of aluminium 6082, with silver and blue oxidation treatments. Musola Metalli also curated the packaging in custom-made wooden boxes, with phytosanitary treatments.

[below you can see pictures of the system under construction]

semilavorati-essicatori areazione-essiccatore essicatori essiccatori-completi


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