Musola Metalli takes Antarctica!

Supply of aluminium tubes for the EPICA project.

We can proudly announce our collaboration with PRNA, the National Antarctic Research Program.

musola antartideExample of how aluminium tubes are used

A few days ago PRNA contacted us for the supply of 26 aluminium round tubes, a total weight of 413kg, which will be brought to Antarctica very soon. We were curious and wanted to have more information about the use. Well, we discovered that those tube would have been part of the EPICA project (European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica), a European project for ice coring up to a depth of 3270 m. The goal is to study the climate of the last 800.000 years. 

More specifically, the round tubes we supplied (alloy EN AW6060) will be used to install GPS antennas which will help measure the glacial plates superficial movement.


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