Notice for the purchase of aluminium profiles for structural purposes

We would like to inform our clients that our aluminium profiles meet the mechanical characteristics required in the UNI EN 755-2 norm. Extruded profiles can be divided into three main safety classes:

  • Safety class 1: critical components (e.g. structural) submitted to dynamic loads. A problem may endanger people’s safety;
  • Safety class 2: critical components (e.g. structural) submitted to static loads. A problem may endanger people’s safety;
  • Safety class 3: normal applications, not used for critical applications that are not part of the above-mentioned classes.


Further details about the use of extruded aluminium profiles can be found in EN 15088:2005 norm.

On the basis of the above-mentioned information, the profiles we sell are certified through a supplier’s compliance declaration (based on UNI EN 10204:2005) and cannot be used for applications with higher mechanical stress than the minimum displayed in the declaration.

If these products are used for the purposes mentioned in safety classes 1 and 2, Musola Metalli assumes no responsibility, both in civil and penal procedure.

That said, we would like to inform you that Musola Metalli can supply aluminium profiles suitable for safety classes 1 and 2. Indeed, we can supply CE-marked extruded profiles, in compliance with EN 15088:2005 norm for structural purposes.

In case of uses of safety class 1 or 2, we need a written communication. Alternatively, our clients can ask for a written a CE declaration in compliance with EN 15088:2005 norm.

Without any written communications, Musola Metalli will supply extruded profiles for the safety class 3.

Our clients must inform their clients with adequate notices, and in case of missed information, you could be considered the only responsible for damages.

We stay at your disposal for any clarifications. You can contact us by clicking the button below.


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