Photovoltaic: aluminium cares about the environment

The environmental impact of aluminium is pretty good, indeed none of its productive processes causes relevant risks for our health or the environment. Over the years, aluminium manufacturers have constantly reduced pollution and environmental consequences by adopting actions to safeguard the environment.

But there’s more! Aluminium is a key component for photovoltaic systems. They transform solar energy into electric energy, directly or indirectly, without using fuels. However, these systems are often subject to rough and bad weather. All materials used for the construction are submitted to stress and a high risk of deterioration.

Our new aluminium profiles specific for photovoltaic systems are better than those made of steel.


  • Very light-weighted
  • High mechanical resistance
  • High wear resistance
  • Easy to use thanks to many accessories specific for the photovoltaic system
  • Minimum aesthetic impact
  • Diamagnetic material
  • Recyclable material 


profilo binarioun esempio di profilo binario della Musola Metalli srlWe can supply:

  • Structural or binary profiles
  • Profiles for panels of any thickness
  • Special T and L profiles
  • Many fastening accessories, also tailor-made



More than 3.000 cuts
available now