University of Pisa: together for Formula SAE

A new experience for Musola Metalli in the field of automotive prototypes. Recently, the team E-team of the University of Pisa chose us as a supplier for the construction of a new prototype, the Kerub, that will be competing in Formula SAE in 2015. Engineering departments of university from all over the world have been competing since 1981 in the construction of prototypes of single-seat cars.

Formula SAE

Formula SAE was created in 1981 by Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) with the aim of connecting companies in the automotive industry and engineering students. This allows students to understand how to create a prototype, from the project to the realization and commercialization. The creative and constructive process must obey precise regulations. At the same time, big automotive brands have the possibility to discover new talents to include in their design teams at the end of the studies.

E-team prototipoET5 2

The E-team from Pisa has been competing since 2008, with a 9th place in Formula SAE Italy and a 3rd place in 2013 in the Student Czech Republic. Over the years, they created 6 single-seat models that competed in formula SAE and an electric prototype that competed in 2013-2014.

The partner Musola Metalli

Musola Metalli supplied aluminium EN AW 7075, which has a very good quality-price ratio. Since the competition is made by amateurs, this alloy is ideal because it is not the most high-performance one. Alloy EN AW 7075 in internationally known for being light and resistant to stress.

KERUB: the 2015 prototype

The prototypes made by the E-team are six: ET1, ET2ev, ET3, ET4, ET6, E456. The new single-seat Kerub has a complete aerodynamic pack.

Assonometria KerubAlto Kerub


We would like to thank the E-team for choosing us as a supplier in this new and exciting project. We wish them a successful season!


A special thanks to Giulia Del Ghianda and Cristiano Pieralice for their precious help in writing this article.


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