Weight calculation free software: find out the theoretical weight of metals and plastic materials


We are glad to inform you that the new weight calculation free software are available now. These simple tools will help you calculate the theoretical weight of products in few simple steps.

The one about metals has been completely restyled, with a particular attention to clarity, simplicity, readability and ease of use. The result is a clear tool, essential for those who want to know the weight of metallic semi-finished products like aluminium, bronze, brass, copper, cast iron. We also added two new materials: steel and iron. The ultimate addition is the possibility to click on the product and you will be directed to our website.

Following many requests, we created a software for plastic materials. The design is the same but we optimized the software, so now you can find out the weight of thermoplastic semi-finished products like PA6, POM-C, PETP, P.T.F.E., PP, PVC, PE, PEEK.

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